Spidey 3 Sunday and Monday Set Reports & Pics

We’ve received word what happened on the Spider-Man 3 New York set on both Sunday and Monday. First up is ‘Pots N Pans’ about Sunday (spoilers ahead!)…

With my knowledge of production, and a keen sense of the eye I noticed that all the extras had on dark winter coats. So I selected a light dark jacket before I left the house and decided to blend in with the extras!!! At one time I thought I was busted because a wardrobe woman pointed me out, but she only wanted me to take off my all black hat because it had a logo on it. Sucker!

The scene I was in involved in included Peter and a little boy in a Spidey suit!!!! Peter at the event to shoot Spider-Man Day for the Bugle while kids equipped with their webslingin’ silly string toys were shooting them off like crazy. Parker gets hit in the face by a little boy with silly string and acts as if he is going to shoot his web at him. He then kneels down and shows the boy his spidey suit underneath and gives him a wink. The boy excited runs over to his mom to tell her, but she doesn’t believe the boy of course.

Looks like Peter is really getting confident!!!

Another scene as earlier reported involved Sandman (with no Sandman) and the entrance of the Chambers Street Station. The stunt placed a fake news stand right next to the station and they used wind machines to create an effect. Papers flew and the newsstand gets pushed aside like nothing. Very cool scene.

Stunt Double Spidey was there in full Jedi Master Attire! Pretty cool photo. Imagine Spidey as a Jedi! I got 2 pictures of me and Spidey! Super nice crew working on the Spider-Man set.

The Spidey cam was in full effect to shooting fly over scenes.

Last shot of the day involved Peter walking by Brock. Brock is really getting jealous.

You can view all of Pots N Pans’ latest photos here! Meanwhile, ‘Peter Parker’ tells us about Monday (with photos shown below)…

I was at the Foley Square set today. I arrived shortly after the lunch break since I had been there 2 days before and hadn’t seen anything, but crowd reactions and Spidey-Cam shots. So about 5 minutes after I got there, a grey van pulled up and the Stunt Man in the Spider-Man suit stepped out covered in a hooded robe. The PA’s walked him to the stage where Bryce Dallas Howard stood, hooked him up to a cable, and suspended him about 15′ above the stage. In the scene he lowers to the stage upside-down to greet the crowd and Gwen Stacy.

Source: Superhero Hype!