Spider-Man 3 Set Reports & Pics!

‘WallCrawler’ has already sent in a report on tonight’s shooting of Spider-Man 3 in Cobble Hill:

I stuck around for about 7 takes of a shot where Peter Parker is walking angrily away from “Stuyvesant” Cinemas featuring a “classic films night” (Cobble Hill Cinemas in real life… featuring modern movies – see pics…) He stops in the middle of crossing the road, turns and sees Mary Jane riding in a cab past him. There were also takes where Topher Grace (Eddie Brock) was in another cab. This happened at the corner of Court St. and Douglass St.

You can find photos of the above here!

Scooper ‘Kramer’ followed later with his own account:

Hey-shooting in Cobble Hill was in full effect tonight.

Around 11p this evening they were shooting a scene where Kirsten Dunst drives past the ‘Stuyvesant Theater’ as she eyes Spidey on the sidewalk outside the theater. Tobey was there, though I did not see him.

The rest of the night’s shooting consists of several exits and entrances from various buildings on the blocks where they are set-up. Also-they have some shots from within the cab getting Kirsten’s POV.

And as everyone has reported they will indeed be on both Fifth and Sixth Ave’s tomorrow-Fri June 23. Primarily between 39th and 44th sts.

Some of the armored car scenes that were scheduled for today apparently involved work on one of the stages over at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.

The facility there is still classified as ‘under construction’, but it’s fully completed FIVE stages have been booked solid since it opened with ‘The Producers’ last year.

One week left, then about 10 months of Post.

And ‘Weapon M’ sent in this report as well:

The scene that I saw that was being shot was Peter walking MJ from the movie theatre. She gets into a cab, and inside of the cab is Eddie Brock (Topher Grace). The cab speeds off, and Peter notices the cab speed off.

It’s hard to read his facial expression whether he recognized she was kidnapped, or it was just a perculiar taxi driver (you know how those NYC Cabbies are New Yorkers).

Meanwhile, I noticed something kind of strange. I dont know if this was going to be saved for later, but there is sand bags to be dropped from on top of the theatre?? Maybe Peter gets ambushed or something? Who knows.

The filming will be till 6 in the morning. (or till sunrise.)

‘greenvinyl’ has posted even more pics from the shoot! You can check them out here!

Source: WallCrawler, Kramer, Weapon M