Two More Ghost Rider Set Reports!

Two more fans went to check out the Ghost Rider set in Melbourne and wrote in about what they saw. First up is ‘Boz’:

I’m just near the set at the AXA Building in Collins Street, Melbourne. The whole plaza is cordoned off and abuzz with activity, as the forecourt is transformed in readiness for the shoot later tonight.

The hellbike was earlier wheeled into the middle of some smashed pavement in front of the building. It was them covered by a grey tarp and has remained out of view. The brief look we had earlier was of a large silver chopper-style machine. Two large (3-4 metres in diameter) white helium-filled balloons have also been placed in position on the set – it’s mot clear what their role is. A few police cars are have now been wheeled into place – it doesn’t look as though the two SWAT vehicles will be used tonight.

Scene-wise, someone associated with the movie told us a few days ago that the bike will be ridden up the side of the building and as it gets to the top, police will shoot the Ghost Rider, who will fall down the side of the building. Apparently, most of the footage for this scene will be subjected to significant digital enhancement, to the extent that the real location of the shoot will be unrecognisable.

Next up is ‘Stinka’:

I just got back from the set of GR and they had the Hellcycle out amoungst broken concrete which looked really cool. At this point nothing much was happenening until they stated lighting up some fire around the hellcycle. There was a stunt man there in full leather gear and a fluro green head mask which is what they will obviously use to do the CG later. All that the stunt man was doing was walking up to the camera and all you could see was his eyes. I will be going back there later to try and get some shots of the concrete and hellcycle. Hope you will post this as i am very excited. There where also some guys in full swat gear. and a big block of concrete with large bullet holes which i took some shots of with my camera phone.

Source: Superhero Hype!