Ghost Rider Set Report

In a follow-up to our previous Ghost Rider set report, a new scooper, ‘Xtra’, sent in this update from the set (includes spoilers):

Hi, I am currently working as an extra on the film “Ghost Rider”. This week we have been filming the carnival scenes on Bacchus Marsh Road, in Bacchus Marsh, approximately 40 kilometres north west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. If you live in Melbourne Australia the map reference in the Melways is Map 220 F5. You cant miss it from the highway, it’s a big carnival setup with American and Texas flags all over it.

We have also been filming the stunt scenes inside the big tent. Today, 31st May we completed filming of the accident scene inside the tent where Johnny Blaze’s Dad is killed. The ring of fire is fantastic and when the gas is running it makes the face of a demon with the flames, very clever effect. This is what drives Johnny Bravo to make a pact with the devil.

We have ceased filming for today, (17 hours phew) and then we resume again on Friday the 3rd of June 2005 for another 3 days or maybe 5 days of filming. The action is great and I can’t wait to see the end result, with all the fantastic work being done by everybody. The crew are fantastic, the AD’s have been great to us extras and the food has been plentiful and really good. The are looking after us very well. When the film comes out you won’t be dissapointed. Even watching it being done the effects and acting are fantastic.

Source: Xtra