New Ghost Rider TV Spot Airs

As Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson announced last week, a new TV spot for the film aired during the premiere of “American Idol” on Fox Tuesday evening. ‘CAH’ has a rundown of the spot for us:

I’ll describe it as best I can remember…

-It starts with the famous GR riding off the building scene

-Columbia/Marvel Logos (I think it had Marvel’s logo)

-V.O.: “What if you could sell your soul?”

-Shots of Johnny and Roxanne together, Roxxy asking if something is “burning” with Johnny just giving her a sort of “shut up” look

-V.O.: “To save someone you loved”

-Mephisto: “You will be the Rider for as long as you live…”

-Roxanne: “So, tonight you’ll…” (she makes a gesture with her hand, I think touching her head signifying the flaming skull part)

Johnny: “Yes, I believe so…”

-REALLY REALLY cool shot of GR riding over a guy (I didn’t see who) in slow motion

-On February 16th

-Mack: “Cool…”

-The Adventure Begins

-Now, there were a whole bunch of shots including GR and BH and his demon buddies, the goth girl being interviewed by Roxxy, and GR riding up the side of the building

-Now, as the screen says “GHOST RIDER” you can hear Johnny say “I’m Ghost Rider.”

-Last shot is of GR riding through the water, it looked like he was surfing on the Hellcycle.

Source: CAH