Ghost Rider Carnival Set Pics!

Scooper ‘Mister Christopher’ filed this great Ghost Rider set report along with pictures:

Late this afternoon I was driving in the countryside just outside of Melbourne (Australia) when I spotted a major carnival setup just off the highway with American flags flying everywhere. When I pointed it out to my wife she said “Oh yeah that’s not a real carnival, that’s where they’re filming some new Nicholas Cage film.”

One quick u-turn later and I was strolling around the Ghost Rider carnival set. It was fairly late in the afternoon and while there were plenty of trailers and caravans, there was no-one to be seen. The fence to the carnival was open so I just walked right on in expecting a security guard to stop me any second- which never happened.

So I got to stroll around the set, which is a full-carnival setup with 2 sideshow lanes, working rides and everything. This was no fake set- they could kick of a real carnival and you wouldn’t know the difference. In fact the only clues that this was a set were the American flags and an old-fashioned lemonade stand. There was a massive big top which looks like it was set up in preparation for some shooting, and a brightly decorated entrance advertising the “Leap of Death”, and showing 2 stunt motorcycles with flames.

Unfortunately I only had my mobile phone camera and it was very late in the day, so I apologise that the pictures aren’t the best, but hopefully they will give you an idea.

Source: Mister Christopher