Marvel Legends Ghost Rider HasLab Adds Mephisto Figure Incentive

As of this writing, Hasbro‘s HasLab “Engine of Vengeance: 1:12 scale Ghost Rider car looks about halfway to its funding goal of 9,000 backers. It needs to make that in two more days for a human Robbie Reyes figure to come packed it. Now, however, if it makes 12,000 backers by Halloween, fans get a devil of an incentive. A Marvel Legends Mephisto figure joins the set at that point.

Mephisto’s enough of a Marvel big bad that casual fans may resent him coming in a large, expensive set rather than separately. Essentially a Marvel version of Satan, while technically not being him so as not to freak out religious readers, he’s the major force of evil and temptation that characters make deals with for their souls. In comics, he also erased memories of Peter Parker’s secret identity long before Doctor Strange did onscreen.

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The Mephisto figure will feature an all-new sculpt with pinless elbow and knee joints. And the Marvel team on social media have strongly suggested at least a couple more figures could join him if the project goes into even higher tiers of backers.

Will this devilish incentive bring you aboard the Ghost train? Let us know in comments.

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