Exclusive: Page 2 of The Punisher DVD Comic!

On September 7, The Punisher hits DVD and will include a limited, 28-page, full-color mini-comic written by Garth Ennis and with cover illustration by Tim Bradstreet. The unique comic provides a background to the movie, adds depth and back-story to the Punisher character, leading readers into the first scene of the film. 10,000 lucky people will also score an exclusive limited edition comic with an alternate Tim Bradstreet cover.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment has provided Superhero Hype! with an exclusive first look at page 2 from the comic which you can view by clicking here. There you will also be able to view pages 1 and 2, and so on, by clicking the links below the page.

The comic book adaptation hits DVD in widescreen format and features an arsenal of bonus materials including “War Journal”— on the set of The Punisher featurette and the making of the film; “Army of One” featurette outlining the character’s place within the Marvel Universe with an interview with Garth Ennis; “Drawing Blood” – an interview with artist Tim Bradstreet that includes a showcase of his art for the Punisher; “Keeping It Real” – an in-depth look at the film’s stunt work and a sneak peek trailer of the Punisher video game.

You can pre-order The Punisher DVD at Amazon.com.

Source: Lions Gate Home Entertainment