New Batmobile Pics Snapped

‘spanish39’ has sent his Batman Begins set pictures that go with this report

Here are the pics from Saturday night (8/14). These are a few, the rest will be in the Batman forums later, including more from Friday night (8/13) as well. I didn’t know where Waukegan was last night, I do know, but no pics from there, sorry. This is it enjoy.

Also, in the last report, everything that says Stetson as the filming location should be Columbus. The filming pit was under Columbus in a parking garage, not Lower Michigan like I said. The entrance ramps that the Tumbler kept driving up and down and for the chase scene, is actualy called, Millinium Park lower parking ramp, and exit to Columbus St. from parking. Sorry for the mix up, but, I grew up in Indiana. Chicago may be my city, but I’m not familiar with it.

Source: spanish39