Batman Begins Clips at Wizard World Chicago!

It looks like the fans in Chicago are having all the fun! Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer and director Chris Nolan showed new clips from the film at Wizard World Chicago and talked to the fans about the anticipated film on Saturday. You can check out reports on the event, including descriptions of the footage, here, here, and here.

Meanwhile, second-unit shooting continues in the Windy City and ‘Spanish39’ has sent us this huge report on what went down yesterday…

So I finally visited the holy land yesterday……and it was good, great. There is a lot to talk about in very little time, literaly. First, we pull up in the Randolph and Wells parking garage and make it to the 4th floor, I happen to see cop lights out of the corner of my eye and I tell my 2 friends, “Watch out, their is a cop you guys.” Guess what? It’s a GPD officer car. I’m like, “Whoa!”, I look down and there are are ALL the tumblers. So I waited and nothing, went to Subway came back, and just as I take a bite this guy starts unraveling the cars one by one. These things in person are awesome. They started rolling them off to the top of the garage and working on them. All the PA’s were saying that they were filming a scene where the wall blows up in front of the Tumbler and it has to drive through it, (that part will be CGI) cause the car stops before it hits the wall. This all happens around 11pm or so. We walked all over the shooting area and took pictures but we went back to the garage on the sky deck and watched them film this scene, unfortunatly for you guys this is all on my other camera, these pictures down here are all digital, but better than nothing. I will have more when they get developed but I’m heading back up there for tonight and possibly tomorrow night as well.

On the Sky roof of Randolph and Wells you could see the entire top deck of the parking garage they use. The batmobile is all the way in the corner and a make shift wall is built about 75ft. away, a guess. All these helicopter, 3 or 4 I think, were circling all around these buildings and just the sound of all of them and seeing all the cranes with cameras on them, you knew something big was about to happen. I honestly thought I was going to see this thing jump off a building. First we were caught of guard by an explosion and then the tumbler raced across the top of the parking garage making a small hop or jumping a ramp, I couldn’t see, right by the wall and then quickly stopping before it hit. We were chased of the rooftop very quickly by 2 wack ass security guards who shut up real quick when I shoved my parking garage ticket in their face. They even threatened to have me arrested in 10 seconds for loitering. Then we snuk down to level 6 for a few more pictures til yet another guard, this one asking for my ID, told us to leave. Of course I argued and said I paid my money to be here when he said they were filming and we couldn’t be here. The guy looked at my ID and goes, “Your from Florida? You have to leave.”, like my ID was fake, so i said, “Why? Cause I’m from Florida?”, laughing at him like WTF. We gave up and left….but not before getting great pica from the sky deck, I WIN GUARDS.

Hope these hold you over, there are many…BETTER…pics, but they need to be developed. These 2 are for you guys, the others are lot wider and closer and better resolution as well. Patience.

There was also another scene filmed down Franklin right off of Madison. We stood right on that intersection as the GPD squad cars were filmed over head by copter flying down the street in craziness as if they were chasing the Batmobile as it jumped from rooftop to rooftop. They did this 3 times and called it a night. Also, these stunt drivers were trying to jump race each other right before cameras started rolling. They were all messing around and laughing with each other as soon as they popped out of the patty wagon that delivered them to their cars.

The cops are in their GPD cars now.

They take off and leave behind some smelly ass rubber, lol.


– WB gave Chicago money to remodel the Lower Wacker entrance that is being used as the Batcave entrance.

– WB paid $500,000 just to use this one area, not including any others.

– People are pissed cause their cars are still in the parking garage the Tumbler’s are parked in, and they don’t want to move all their stuff so people can get their cars out, Damn huh?

– Some idiot taking pictures was hit by a GPD car or a Chicago PD car the other night and that is why the perimiter around the set has widened, and it was.

– He told us that the building just across the canal on Randolph off of Franklin, across from a theatre I think, is the building that will be used for Wayne’s office’s. Even if you know, I will still take some pictures of today and post them later.

– They will be done filming action scenes shortly and they still have like a month’s worth of filming left for what this PA called the boring s***. Stuff like Wayne and Dawes walking and office stuff.

Source: Superhero Hype!