David Goyer on Blade, Superman & More

Just as Guillermo del Toro did for Hellboy, writer/director David Goyer is answering fans’ questions on the official Blade: Trinity message board. Here’s a few highlights that include some interesting things…

The rumor about me and Superman? Not true. They haven’t approached me — even to write on it. But I am talking to Warners about another potential DC property…

Did everything in Blade: Trinity turn out the way I’d envisioned it? Definitely not. No film works that way. There are too many random factors that intrude. What if you lose a location? What if a prop isn’t ready on time? What if an actor has a nervous breakdown one day…?

There will definitely be a boxed set of the three Blade DVDs. Look for it a year or so after Blade: Trinity comes out. We’ve tossed around the idea of Norrington, Del Toro, and myself doing a joint commentary for all three films.

There are no plans for a Blade: Trinity video game. But we are most definitely planning the DVD already. Expect some new features — an Easter Egg, a gag reel, lots and lots of commentaries (including one from our DP, Gabby Beristain and most of the major cast members).

Wesley as Black Panther? I doubt that will happen at this point. He’s already so entrenched as Blade that another Marvel hero might be overkill.

Why are there no toys on this film? You’ll have to ask Marvel. Blade has never been a huge licensing item for them. They may be rolling some out. Heck, there will probably be a King and Abigail figurine at some point.

Blade 4? Nightstalkers? Who knows? Anything’s possible. We’ve talked about both options.

Which other DC property may he be in talks for? Stay tuned. Hit the link above to read the whole thread and ask your own questions!

Source: Official Site