Spider-Man 2 Action Figure Update

Action-Figure.com has an update on the first Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock figure and more. Here’s a clip…

The figure I think you all want to see is Doc Ock, and Nomad and I have scoured our reference material to try and see if we can find any movie spoilers on it. We can’t, and I can say we’ve been extremely good at picking up spoilers on toys in the past. We can see nothing on Doc Ock that you haven’t seen already. But still, we don’t want to be accused of not triple-checking before running photos, so the email went off to two people in ToyBiz early this morning.

The site is hoping to be able to post a picture later in the week. They’re hearing that upcoming figures include Battle Attack Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Web Blast Spider-Man, and Spin & Kick Spider-Man.

There’s more news, including word that a second Doc Ock is planned, at the link above!

Source: Action-Figure.com