Jessica Biel Talks More About Blade: Trinity

The Calgary Sun talked more to Jessica Biel about her role in the upcoming Blade: Trinity

“I play Kris Kristofferson’s daughter. She’s a master marksman with a crossbow and she knows all kinds of martial arts. She’s kicking vampire butt for the whole movie,” says Biel.

That meant the actress went into extensive training for three months before she even turned up on the Vancouver set last year for Trinity.

“Ryan Reynolds, Natasha Lyonne and I play this group of young people who are secretly helping Blade (Wesley Snipes). We eventually end up rescuing him.”

She was determined to do as many of her own stunts as possible and to look as if she was capable of them.

“If I was going to play a female action star I wanted to look like one and perform like one.

“My character couldn’t just be skin and bones so I bulked up. I want people to believe I could lift a guy up and kick him around a room. It will be a whole new look for me.”

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Source: Calgary Sun