Halle Berry on X-Men 3 & Catwoman

In a November interview with Halle Berry at The Courier-Post, she mentions she’s likely to return for X-Men 3 and also talks about shooting Catwoman

Berry isn’t signed to make any more X-Men movies but she says she’d come back for another if “they could give Storm a little bit more to do.” Even if she’s relegated to the background, she’ll likely return. “I’m so connected to the group that I would come back.”

At the moment, Berry is playing the title role in Catwoman, a special-effects extravaganza which pits the feline baddie against Sharon Stone.

“I’m finding Catwoman right now and she’s fierce,” notes Berry. “She’s nothing nice.”

Berry has gotten so into character that she’s recently adopted her first kitty. A feline named Fig Newton was one of 60 cats adopted from the ASPCA for the film.

“He’s my muse,” says Berry. “He was supposed to be a working cat, but now, he’s living with me. He’s retired already. He didn’t even work one day in his life.”

Fig Newton might be on easy street but his owner works hard for her money. As challenging as Gothika was, Catwoman is an even tougher shoot for Berry.

“You should see me on Catwoman,” she says, laughing. “I’m balls to the wall, and they’re saying, `Didn’t you just have a broken arm?’ I’m, like, `So what! Let’s go.’ I love that stuff.”

Thanks to ‘a1ant’ and ‘Slim_X’ for the heads up.

Source: The Courier-Post