Punisher Saints & Sinners Pics and Hulk Hogan Cameo!

Lots of info continues to come in from the Tampa sets for The Punisher. Here’s ‘Thamer’ with another spoiler bit…

I found this news bit at The Tampa Tribune:

“Only exterior scenes were shot Tuesday night at the club, owned in the movie by Saint. Tonight and Thursday night, interior shots will be done. On Friday night, the front of the building will be “blown up,” said Barry Hanerfeld, a publicist for the movie. “That’s going to be very cool,” Hanerfeld said.”

I hope this info is helpfull. I also have 3 new pics of the S&S club.

You can check out the images of the Saints & Sinners club right here! Next up is ‘XIII’ with additional word on what’s filming and a possible Hulk Hogan cameo…

Punisher Last Night: I saw them shoot some at the saint and sinners club. And across the street they had a parking lot with alot of cars set up and a sign that said “Saint Motors” with a tire pictured on it. I also was told there and hear on the radio today on my way to work that Hulk Hogan and another local radio host Bubba the Love Sponge were there. And on of the extras said they were not done until 2am. Im not sure if they are filmming there again tonight or not.

Scooper ‘Your name Here’ confirms the above…

Just got back from the Punisher set at 400 Ashley St in Tampa … They are using the bank of america bldg as Howard Saint’s club. Travolta and Herring were there tonight filming along with what seemed to be some cameo performances by Hulk Hogan, a local Radio Jock Bubba the Love Sponge, and Buccanners Free Safety John Lynch. The set is impressive and security is tight. Your only chances at photos or autographs on this set is by the trailers or food tent. The trailers are located on Cass and Ashley down the street from the Sinners and Saints set aka Bank of America bldg. If you are still unsure which bldg it is … it is next to the one that looks like a giant tan beer can. They will be at this location until they wrap on Thursday night … on Thurs night they will be blowing up the yellow car that is on the trailer adjacent to the Sinner and Saints bldg. They take lunch at 11pm nightly so if u want a shot at a pic … There it is… They will be fiming the following actors on Weds night (this is only what I know): Travolta, Jane, Harring, Jemison, Patton (Not 100% on this one).

Great scoops guys, thanks for the heads up on these!