New Punisher Movie Spoilers!

All right fans, this is it. Either you’re ready to know way too much about The Punisher movie many months before its release or you would rather not know a thing before heading to theaters. Make a choice, because after this there’s no turning back! What follows are the biggest SPOILERS to date about the Artisan adaptation and you still have a chance to click the back button if you don’t want to know…

Still here? You ready? Okay, first up we received a bunch (and we mean a BUNCH) of set photos from The Punisher Saints and Sinners set in Tampa. The pictures, which set up the following spoiler-filled reports and are thanks to ‘Marv’, ‘Thamer’ & ‘Becky’, can all be viewed here (there’s many pages, so be sure to browse through them all).

Now here is ‘LudiChris’ with the first write-up of what went down tonight (you’ll have to highlight the text below to read it!)

This is a major spoiler. And I mean a major spoiler. I was at the ‘Saints and Sinners’ set of The Punisher again. I missed them blowing up the exterior of the club, that happened around 8pm, but got there to see a major scene being shot. One of the pillers that originally had fire coming from it had been blown over and there were two cars out front that had been flipped over. There was smoke everywhere. The scene that they taped, and if you don’t want to know how the movie ends do not read what’s next, was Frank Castle’s final confrontation with Howard Saint. John Travolta had been made up to look like he had gotten pretty beaten up. He was covered in dust and his face had fake blood all over it. He was dragging his foot as he was trying to make a dash for his car. Just as he gets to his car The Punisher yells his name. John turns and there is an exchange that I was unable to hear. The director yells bang where they will insert another explosion from the club and then John goes for his gun. Thomas pulls his gun and shoots and John Travolta spins and goes down. They filmed this scene several times and from quite a few angles and it is pretty obvious that this is the climax of the film. At the end of every take Tom went over and helped John up and then the gathered crowd clapped which John and Tom both continually acknowledged which I thought was very cool of them. They both knew that we were gathered there to watch them and they went out of their way to let us know that they appreciated it. John and Thomas both were driven by where all the onlookers had gathered and they waved to everybody. I was there on Monday when they filmed the opening of the club scene and I definitely got to see more tonight. I also have a friend who taped some of this scene and when he has a chance to edit it down he will supply a link so if you want to see what happened you will be able too. It will probably be in a few days so keep an eye out.

Wow, ‘mannix’ also backs this report up (highlight text)…

I was there during the final Saint death sequence. We arrived after the car explosions were shot. Jane was wearing black pants and a black, tight, tank-top when he shot Howard Saint. Saint ran limping toward a limo, oniy to be called out by the Punisher who shouted loudly, “Howard Saint, thou **** *** ***** **** **.” and then shot him dead.

It was shot many times – all the same. We arrived too late for the car explosion scenes. This is a HUGE spoiler and was definately the end of Howard Saint.

Hmmm… maybe Sam Raimi did the right thing in keeping things very much under wraps for Spider-Man 2 after the ton of set pictures that were released online for Spidey 1. Perhaps Artisan should do the same with The Punisher 2.

Source: Marv, Thamer, LudiChris, mannix