The Punisher Florida Location Report

The Hollywood Reporter has published a great feature which talks about how the Hollywood business is booming in Floriday…

It’s 2 a.m. on a balmy Saturday morning, and a throng of several hundred huddles outside the exclusive Saints & Sinners nightclub in downtown Tampa, Fla. They fall strangely silent as an intense conversation takes place between vigilante G-man Frank Castle and powerful club owner Howard Saint, and they focus intently as the men repeat the conversation, line by line, over and over.

What is most unusual about the late-night assemblage is neither their casual dress nor the cameras they carry in their hands. It’s the fact that no one is waiting to vault to the right side of the velvet rope. Rather, the crowd is content to study actors Thomas Jane and John Travolta (who portray Castle and Saint, respectively) bring to life the characters in Artisan’s planned summer 2004 Marvel comic book adaptation “The Punisher” filming right there in their hometown.

“The crowd watched, and whenever Jonathan (Hensleigh), the director, yelled, ‘Cut!’ they’d applaud,” producer Gale Anne Hurd says of the shoot. “When you’re exhausted at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, it was just the kind of ‘supercharge’ that the cast and the crew needed.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter