The Punisher Filming Update

Scooper ‘XIII’ is following the Punisher production in Tampa and has provided us with the latest update (spoilers ahead!)…

Punisher last night: I was up there to see what was going on. I talked with different people and found out that they were gonna blow up the front of the night club with a yellow car and a blue car. I don’t know the names of them. They didn’t do it yet though cause it was raining all last night and still this morning. I also overheard that they were gonna rebuild a car dealership that saint will own and then blow it up too. I saw Travolta drive by a couple of times. The picture on the net of him shows him with almost no hair. When he drove but you can see he is wearing a wig. I also met Jane again last night. Very cool guy. Signed everything people had and took photos. He even joked about the 1st picture of him as Punisher. Say that he wants to make a new picture with a better coat and black hair. Very cool and funny guy.

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: XIII