More on The Punisher Filming Yesterday

‘XIII’ has another update on what was filmed for The Punisher yesterday in Tampa…

I heard on the MJ Morning Rado Show that the scenes yesterday were a casino scene. The Fester guys was in a scene where he was loading money into bags. They were shooting about a block from Ybor. They also said that they met John Travolta.

Also on the way to work today I believe I might have seen the cars for the movie. There were 4 GTOs and two were black with a green door and the other two were all greenish.

And last the building across from the train station (Railroad Hotel)still have people working on it and today there were people setting up electrical stuff and etc. and some cops & suits were out their too.

The fester guy said when he was done filming, he asked for something to remember his movie day. They gave him 4 fake dollars used in the movie. They said they might scan them in and post them on So look out for that a little later.

Source: XIII