Even More on The Punisher Filming

Three more scoops regarding The Punisher filming. First up is ‘Your Name Here’ with SPOILERS (highlight text to read below)…

Was at the punisher set tonight was close enough to hear the dialogue for the Punisher. IT was “Howard Saint” lightning flash not too loud then again “Howard Saint” Lightning Flash Right before he drills him with lead he says ” You took everything I had” then BOOM he shoots Saint the lightning flashes and the scene is over (I think) There maybe more talk but who knows…..

‘Darla’ also pointed us to an entire article on last night’s filming right here from the Tampa Tribune.

Meanwhile, ‘Big Pun Mark’ has some info on today’s shoot…

They are filming on Saturday for a stunt off Ashley Street … I believe they are dragging someone behind a car.. but unsure… However I do know that next Monday through Weds 9/29 – 10/1 they will be in the studio at terminal 6 … They are supposed to film on Thursday somewhere in Tarpon Springs at a Mansion I believe… I will forward on more info as I get it.

Source: Your Name Here, Darla, Big Pun Mark