Guillermo del Toro on the Hellboy Trailer, Site & More

‘J.R. Hellboy’ alerted us that director Guillermo del Toro has been answering quite a few questions on the official Hellboy Message Board. Here’s a few…

This hasn’t been mentioned yet, but it would be good to get people talking about it. Anyways on the offical hellboy movie message boards Del Toro just answered a ton of questions and said,

26) Do you have any control over the official movie site? Do you know when it will be updated, it seems they havn’t updated it in a few months.

Agreed. We will start a lot of activity comes SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER. Get ready!!!

27) Any idea when the first Hellboy trailer(s) are due to hit theatres and which movies they will be attached to?

OCTOBER. To a BIG movie.

So it looks like in September were going to get a site update with possibly some new images and in october a trailer. Now what big movie comes out in october. He also mentioned that the posters given out at the con were rush jobs and not final product. And del toro always answers the questions on the board if you wanna get some people talking.

Another bit he revealed is that Doug Jones will give the voice of Abe Sapien a shot in the next two weeks. If that doesn’t work out, he will likely turn to his first choice – “Frasier” star David Hyde-Pierce.

There’s many more questions answered at the link above!

Source: J.R. Hellboy