Exclusive Preview: DIE!namite #1

The worlds of Dynamite Entertainment are about to collide! Later this week, DIEnamite #1 will unite Red Sonja, Vampirella, John Carter of Mars, and also a few more in a new crossover event. However, the union between the heroes isn’t going to be a happy occasion. There’s also an evil that may even turn the heroes against each other in eternal damnation. Regardless, we suspect zombies are involved as well. And before all is said and done, a few of the major heroes and heroines might become zombies too.

Declan Shalvey and Fred Van Lente co-wrote DIEnamite, while Justin Mason and Vincenzo Garratu also collaborated on the art. Dynamite Entertainment has also passed along an exclusive preview for DIEnamite #1. Additionally, the opening pages catch up with John Carter on Earth and on Mars. But he may not like what he finds on the Red Planet. Meanwhile, Red Sonja, Vampirella, and the Death Defying Devil will soon encounter dangerous situations of their own…

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Here’s the official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

“In Hell, an evil emerges. On 1930s Earth, a nefarious danger threatens the globe. In the dead of space, VAMPIRELLA is desperate to uncover a dark mystery…

DIE!NAMITE is an event series that unites all of the hit Dynamite characters as you’ve never seen them before! They will come together to battle the biggest threat they have ever faced. Many… are even missing faces!”

DIE!namite #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, October 14. Check out the preview below!

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