Exclusive: Luke Lieberman Makes Red Sonja Pay The Price of Blood

As revealed last week in The Hollywood Reporter, Dynamite Entertainment’s Red Sonja will return in a new miniseries later this year. Red Sonja LLC’s Luke Lieberman is writing a sequel to his previous series, Birth of the She-Devil. The new series, Red Sonja: The Price of Blood, takes place a few months later, essentially in Sonja’s second year as an adventurer. Sonja and her friend, Elli, have traveled to Aquilonia for the Festival of Fire. However, Sonja will somehow find herself imprisoned and facing a death sentence. According to Lieberman, that’s just going to piss her off.

“Sonja has had a really rough road, and it has made her very jaded, so she is searching for the brighter side of life. That is why she is so angry when this moment of happiness and innocence is stolen from her in this series,” said Lieberman in a statement. “The goal with Sonja, as with any good storytelling is to do something different than everything that has come before while staying true to her roots. That is always the balance – between honoring the history and being open to the future.”

Dynamite also shared a few pages by artist Walter Geovani and colorist Adriano Augusto.

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Geovani’s history with Red Sonja goes back a decade to Dynamite’s first series with the character. He also illustrated Gail Simone’s Red Sonja relaunch a few years ago.

“It´s great to be back! I’m always happy and honored to draw such an iconic character,” said Geovani. “Sonja is a badass, cutting heads off, but she also has an emotional side.”

You can see one more of Geovani’s pages in the gallery below, along with covers by Arthur Suydam, Joseph Michael Linsner, Michael Golden, and even a cover by Geovani himself. There’s also a Red Sonja cosplay cover as well.

Red Sonja: The Price of Blood #1 will hit comic book stores in December.

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