Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For September 17, 2019

Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For September 17, 2019

That familiar crispness in the air means new beginnings are right around the corner. Not just in terms of seasons, though. We’re on the doorstep of television debuts and a promising holiday film season while a celebrated comic book comes to a close. Duality is fun like that. And so are sweet Amazon deals. Here are Superhero Hype’s best Amazon deals for September 17, 2019.

Action Comics #1000: Deluxe Edition

Superman is the hero that started it all. The mild-mannered Kryptonian hero wasn’t the first superhero, but he will always be seen as the one that put the genre on the map. And that legend is immortalized in this deluxe edition of Action Comics’ historic 1000th issue. Packed with bonus stories and pages of Superman artwork and variant covers, it’s a must-have for any fan. Pick up the hardcover edition for 40% off.

Pearl Vol. 1

Brian Michael Bendis’s Midas touch is known throughout the comics world. He will likely remain coveted by publishers until he hangs up his pen, but that influence isn’t saved only for established books. Pearl is a prime example of his ability to develop engrossing stories from the ground up. The tale of a tattoo artist turned Yakuza assassin pulls fans into an intriguing world complete with unique artwork. This collection of the book’s first six issues is a steal at nearly 20% off in paperback and 25% off on Kindle.

Jim Henson’s The Power of The Dark Crystal Vol. 1

The Dark Crystal is having a renaissance thanks to Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The prequel series reopens the world of Thra, unfolding a fantasy story about a rebellion with breathtaking puppetry. But the story of Thra continued before Netflix brought us all back to it with a number of comics based on the franchise. The Power of The Dark Crystal is a direct sequel to the original film that picks up years after Jen and Kira’s original adventure. The first volume is available to those craving more Henson magic at a 25% discount in paperback and 94% off on Kindle.

The Wicked & The Divine Vol. 1

Kieron Gillen’s tale of gods, humanity and mortality recently ended its run, receiving critical acclaim throughout its time on store shelves. The book’s themes made it a beacon of powerful storytelling. Gods may incarnate as humans every ninety years, but stories like The Wicked & The Divine come along much less frequently. Pick up the volume one paperback in paperback for nearly 20% off and on Kindle for 50% off.

Superboy and The Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1

Young Justice: Outsiders included an interesting reveal in its season finale. A mystery woman appeared wearing a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring, hinting at the team’s appearance next season. So, of course, why not take the time to revel in some of the far future team’s adventures ahead of their arrival. Volume one collects a number of issues from Paul Levitz and Gerry Conway’s iconic run with the squad in hardcover for 25% off and on Kindle for 30% off.

What deals have you spotted on Amazon this week? Let us know in the comment section below!