Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Books and Comics Deals for April 24

What are the good cheap reads right now? We may be able to go outside, but there’s always time to read. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. But as of now, these are what we consider some of the best deals for April 24.

Super Mario Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years


As The Super Mario Bros. Movie sweeps the nation, on track to top the year’s box office, find out how much you really know. See how characters evolved, where every hidden item in the games can be found, and what the deal is with every creature and obstacle in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy The Ultimate Guide New Edition


Find out everything you need to know about outer space’s biggest bunch of a-holes. From their earliest comic book incarnations to their cinematic saga, this mighty tome will quickly bring anyone up to speed before the movie trilogy comes to an exciting end.

Lex Luthor: A Celebration of 75 Years Hardcover


As a new, burlier Luthor prepares to make his way to TV, celebrate every incarnation of the baldest bad guy in DC Comics. Collecting stories from the characters entire history, this tribute charts the characters course from generic evil mad scientist, to childhood friend turned foe, to corrupt tycoon and even president. Throughout, one thing stays constant — he may have nowhere near the power of Superman but he remains an intellectual match, and one of the world’s most dangerous men.



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Find out all about Marvel’s mighty conqueror in stories from 1961 through 2018! See the master of variants and time travel take on Kamala Khan, Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon, the Black Knight, Monica Rambeau, and Moon Knight. Then speculate which of these stories may get incorporated into The Kang Dynasty onscreen.

Star Trek Picard: The Classic Chronicles


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Get the backstory and inside skinny on Jean-Luc Picard from the man who knows him best. This book collects many interviews and features on Patrick Stewart over the years, prior to his Star Trek return in Picard. Boldy and baldly going, the Next-Gen Captain explains the journey in his own words. For anyone new to the character, this could become an essential primer.

Ironheart: Riri Williams Paperback


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Now that you’ve met her on the big screen, find out who Riri Williams really is. Even with her own suit of armor and a Tony Stark AI, can this idealist from the streets of Chicago become a new superhero? Our sources say yes. Ironheart looks to be the next big thing on both the page and in the MCU.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: The Road to Neverwinter


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Before the events of the movie, find out how Edgin and Holga first met. How they put a crew together. And how they pulled off some of their best treasure heists, back when Forge could be relied on to only betray other people. More dungeons, more dragons, and more fun, in a world that has room for plenty of expansion.

Secret Invasion Paperback – Illustrated


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Before it becomes Marvel’s next streaming series, read up on Secret Invasion. The shape-shifting Skrulls have been placing sleeper agents around the world for many years, and with some of Earth’s mightiest heroes gone, the time is right to strike! Who knows how this’ll work in the MCU, where Skrulls aren’t bad guys so far, but in comics, they remain formidable foes.

Avatar The Way of Water: The Visual Dictionary


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Can you tell an Ilu from a Skimwing? Which RDA robot is the deadliest? And what even are the names of Quaritch’s Recom team? This guide to James Cameron’s cinematic universe has you covered, with all the Avatar details you need.

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