Nico Brings the Team Together In Final Midnight Suns Animated Prequel

Later this week, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will finally hit consoles and pit an unlikely team of heroes against Lilith, the mother of all monsters. However, 2K Games and Firaxis Games’ upcoming tactical roleplaying game isn’t just about the fights. It’s also about forming relationships on your squad. That’s why the final Midnight Suns animated prequel short puts the spotlight on Nico Minoru as she desperately tries to find her place among the team.

Nico is one of the original members of The Runaways, and she is voiced here by Lyrica Okano, who previously portrayed Nico on Hulu’s Runaways series. Within the short, Nico sends a video diary to her friend and younger Runaways teammate, Molly Hayes. Nico also expresses her frustration as she attempts to find common ground with her fellow heroes.

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While the game itself doesn’t appear to allow players to pursue romantic hook-ups, it does encourage gamers to use the downtime at The Abby to create bonds between the team. And that’s exactly what Nico does in this short. By the end, even Blade and Magik are willing to spend time with her.

The previous animated prequels have been released over the last few weeks. The first one revealed the origin of Lilith, the second episode introduced Magik and Scarlet Witch, and the third episode put a spotlight on Ghost Rider. Last week’s episode gave Blade a chance to show off some of his vampire-killing moves.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will hit PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One X|S this Friday, December 2.

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