Marvel’s Midnight Suns Previews New Venom DLC

After releasing “The Good, the Bad, and the Undead” last month and adding Deadpool to its playable roster, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is back with another DLC expansion. This time, it’s Venom’s turn to vanquish a few demons. The developers at 2K Games and Firaxis have announced details for the upcoming “Redemption” DLC pack that throws the spotlight on Eddie Brock and his symbiotic other half. You can also check out a new trailer for mission below.

“Redemption” is actually a fitting name for the new expansion, because it opens with Eddie wracked with guilt over his actions in the base game, in which he unwittingly became one of Lilith’s puppets. Seeking to atone for his misdeeds, Eddie officially joins the Midnight Suns, teaming up with characters like Spider-Man and Nico Minoru along the way. But he also encounters Mephisto, who offers a deal in exchange for defeating an army of vampires.

Controlling Venom lets players use the full power of the symbiote with 10 unique hero abilities to choose from, some of which are on display in the trailer. But aside from new story missions, “Redemption” adds a new upgrade to the Abbey called Whisper Web, which “expands the tactical options for the Intel resource.” And as with other heroes, fans can also expect a new collection of bonus skins as well.   

“Redemption” launches next Thursday, February 23. Gamers can purchase the DLC separately or as part of Midnight Suns’ season pass, which includes other bonus characters like Deadpool, Morbius, and Storm. The developers also announced a new free trial for the game on Steam, which is available until February 19 at 10am. 

Are you excited to play as Venom in the game’s new story expansion next week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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