Gotham Knights is Getting a Four-Player Co-Op Mode in November

With four playable characters to choose from, DC fans were looking forward to fighting the Court of Owls side-by-side with their friends as Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood when Gotham Knights arrives in stores. Unfortunately, the game’s campaign only supports two-player co-op. But WB Montréal is adding a new bonus feature that allows all four heroes to be controlled simultaneously. The developers just announced Heroic Assault, a four-player co-op mode coming out as a free update to the game on November 29.

According to the official Gotham Knights website, Heroic Assault is a standalone mode that is separate from the story campaign. It allows up to four players to team up in online co-op against several waves of enemies. Gamers will start the level in a “dedicated arena-like environment” that tasks them with completing specific objectives and defeating an assortment of thugs in order to advance to the next floor. The mode features 30 floors in total, meaning the enemies likely get more challenging as the mission progresses.

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The developers behind Gotham Knights have previously discussed their reasons for limiting the campaign’s co-op to two players. While speaking with IGN in 2020, creative director Patrick Redding explained that adding a four-player option would have forced them to design each of the game’s levels solely with all four heroes in mind. WB Montréal has also confirmed that the game doesn’t have a split-screen multiplayer function. But weirdly enough, the two-player mode lets gamers control the same character at once.

Gotham Knights will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 21.

Are you excited to play the game’s Heroic Assault mode with your friends next month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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