Marvel’s Avengers Omega Threat: Family Reunion Arrives Next Week

Square Enix has a brand new expansion for Marvel’s Avengers coming our way. The studio has released a trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Omega Threat Level: Family Reunion, which will be released as a free update next week. Check it out for yourself below.

The trailer shows a number of heroes infiltrating an A.I.M. facility and engaging a multitude of robotic enemies, from mechanized grunts to scarab-like behemoths. As with other Omega-Level Threat missions, gamers need to assemble four-person strike teams at no lower than Power Level 145+. This one notably features the Super-Adaptoid, who previously appeared in the game’s Taking A.I.M. DLC last year. Regardless, it sounds like he has made a few upgrades since then.

Promising new team-based challenges, end-game content, high-end gear, and enhanced difficulty, Family Reunion looks like it will put even the most hardcore gamers through the ringer. Players can run the mission as many times as they want. However, gear awards will only be doled out once a week per account.

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Family Reunion isn’t the only new Avengers update in the works. Square Enix is also gearing up for the debut of War for Wakanda, which will officially introduce Black Panther into the game’s universe as voiced by Christopher Judge. Unfortunately, the studio hasn’t announced a release date for this expansion.

Marvel’s Avengers Omega Threat Level: Family Reunion will be available to players starting on Tuesday, July 27. You can read more about the update here.

Are you excited to download this new adventure next week? Let us know in the comments down below!

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