The Winter Soldier Attacks in the Latest Marvel’s Avengers Preview

It’s been a few months since Marvel’s Avengers has added a new playable character to its ranks. But the team’s latest hero is almost here, and he has a score to settle with Advanced Idea Mechanics. The game’s developers have released a new trailer for Avengers‘ upcoming patch featuring Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, giving us a much clearer idea of what he brings to the battlefield.

For the uninitiated, the trailer offers a rundown of Bucky’s comic book history, from his beginnings as Captain America’s sidekick during World War II to his rebirth as a Soviet assassin in the decades that followed. More importantly, however, it gives fans their best look yet at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ design for the character. Overall, they stuck pretty close to Bucky’s traditional Winter Soldier outfit. His tactical gear, metal arm, and shoulder-length hair are all present. And of course, his expert combat skills are on display as he takes on an army of A.I.M. robots using a mix of firearms and fists.

You can watch the new narrative trailer in the player below.

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The trailer also reveals that after A-Day, Bucky joined S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill’s crusade to rescue missing Inhumans. But eventually, this leads him into a trap set by A.I.M.’s Monica Rappaccini, who reactivates his Winter Soldier protocols and uses them for her own nefarious ends. Bucky is later rescued by the Avengers and feels nothing but shame over his recent actions. However, when given the chance to stop Monica for good, he joins the team on their latest mission, which players will get to experience for themselves starting next week.

Marvel’s Avengers will add The Winter Soldier as a playable hero when Update 2.7 launches next Tuesday, November 29.

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