Marvel’s Avengers Support Studio Creative Director Apologizes

Earlier this year, Crystal Dynamics announced that support for Marvel’s Avengers will soon come to an end. Although the game launched in 2020, it was plagued by various issues and it received a lukewarm response from fans. Now, Cezar Virtosu, a former creative director from the outsourcing studio Virtuous (that worked on the game with Crystal Dynamics) is offering his apologies for Marvel’s Avengers and everything that went wrong.

Via Games Radar, Virtosu briefly spoke about the game during an interview in the new issue of Edge Magazine. While Virtosu didn’t go into detail about his time on Marvel’s Avengers, he did say “I apologize for that.” He also noted that “It was a challenging production.”

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There were so many issues with the game that it’s hard to know where to start talking about them. For example, the game’s primary heroes didn’t really become fun to play until after several hours of building up their abilities. The title also embraced the games as a service model, with dozens of microtransactions for things like more accurate costumes. Additionally, the Avengers’ colorful collection of villains were largely sidelined in favor of generic A.I.M. robots and foot soldiers.

The final update for the game will be released on March 31. Beyond that, all official support for the game will wrap up on September 30. The single player campaign and multiplayer missions should still work after that time. However, any bugs that come up after September will not be fixed.

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