Square Enix’s Avengers Gameplay Revealed At Comic-Con

Following the game’s official unveiling at E3 last month, Square Enix provided an even deeper look at Marvel’s Avengers. The company took over during the Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con, wowing attendees with several minutes of new footage. Not only that, but fans also got a better idea of just what each character can do.

First up, Thor managed to use Mjolnir to greater effect. Not only can he chain together hits to juggle an enemy into the air, but he can also send his hammer flying like a projectile. He can also target multiple foes and use a lightning attack to hit them all at once, ideal for when he becomes surrounded.

The next character to be highlighted in the video is Iron Man. While fighting his way across the bridge, he avoids incoming missiles and keeps in touch with the Avengers via radio contact. He then lands on the ground and fires a few repulsor beams, while dodging a few more rockets in stylish fashion.

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, took over. After getting an assist from Black Widow in the Quin-Jet, he jumps out, transforming into the big green guy as he lands. After throwing a guard around, he slams into the ground to take out his buddies. He then takes out some surrounding cars and rubble with a running attack, before jumping up and slamming into the ground.

Captain America became the next Avenger to get focus, blocking attacks with his shield before targeting several foes with it. He then guides it to hit them in succession before catching it again. He then charges at someone and sends them flying with ease. Following that, he motions to a colleague that waves to him on the Helicarrier – fellow superhero Kamala Khan.

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The sequence then brings in the Taskmaster, who attacks what remains of the bridge. Hulk and the others attempt to keep it from collapsing. Black Widow catches up to the masked villain and attempts to restrain him, with the help of a flying harness. The two fight for a little bit, only for her to get the upper hand.

Eventually, she manages to subdue him, but it’s too late. He manages to cause an explosion with the Helicarrier, which crashes into the sea. This sets the events in motion for the game, which will feature a five-year jump. It will include both single player and multiplayer elements, both of which will surround the story campaign.

Square Enix noted that the footage was only for San Diego Comic-Con attendees at the time. However, it did state that it would eventually be released publicly, one week after Gamescom takes place. That means everyone will get to see it in action by the end of August. Judging by what all happens, fans will be in for a treat. And apparently there will be an early beta test for the game, though a launch date isn’t known just yet.

Marvel’s Avengers hits on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Does this footage sound like the game could be a hit for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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