Marvel’s Avengers Designers Won’t Change Character Design, Despite Backlash

Earlier this week, Square Enix revealed its Avengers game during its E3 showcase. And while many fans showed excitement in seeing what’s to come with its superhero game, others expressed disappointment in not being shown nearly enough. And there was also a great amount of criticism in regards to the character models, which some were not in favor of. The game developers at Crystal Dynamics have heard said criticism, but, speaking with IGN, have noted that they have no intention of changing these character models.

“We are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs,” said lead creative director Shaun Escayg.

That said, however, he didn’t shut the door completely when it came to making improvements to these characters. “The trailer is showing pre-alpha gameplay footage, which means the level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve as we get closer to launch.”

Escayg spoke about the distinctive new design of the Avengers in the game earlier in the week. When asked why they didn’t look like their MCU counterparts from the films, he pointed out that such an idea never came to mind for the team.

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“We wanted to clearly show that this was our spin on the Avengers,” he explained at the time. “Even the way we cast these character was based on our story and our narrative.”

Lead combat designer Vince Napoli added, “It’s creating a new Marvel universe. We were creating a brand new thing in collaboration with Marvel, so it really did demand our own characters.”

There’s still more than enough time for the team to make tweaks and make the Avengers even better. The game isn’t set to arrive until May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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