Gabriel Luna Teases Tommy’s Role in The Last of Us Season 2

When we last saw Tommy in The Last of Us season 1, he was in the Jackson settlement. Tommy married the group’s leader, Maria, who is pregnant with his child. Tommy was set to transport Ellie to the Fireflies before Joel changed his mind and continued his journey. Gabriel Luna, who plays Tommy, knows his character has a larger role in The Last of Us Part II because he played the video game beforehand.

In speaking with Variety, Luna discussed the “de-evolution” of Tommy in Part II. Because of his knowledge from the games, Luna expanded on how he shaped the role for season 1, knowing what happens to his character in Part II.

“Because I played the games back to back, it’s one story in my mind. I prepped for it in that way,” Luna said. “You never want to assume you’re gonna get a season 2, but considering it’s probably the biggest show in the world and they renewed us for season 2, it’s probably good I have a head start thinking about it. The idea of everything that happens in Part II was always ever-present in my mind.”

“When working on the story we’ve told thus far, you gotta consider where you’re going with all the peaks and valleys,” Luna continued. “You don’t want play the end, but you certainly want to keep it in mind as you’re rolling forward and building the character. There’s a lot of peaks and there’s some deep, deep valleys. As much as Tommy is an evolved person, and he’s evolving, there’s certainly a de-evolution that happens in Part II.”

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann confirmed that the HBO series would not cover the entirety of The Last of Us Part II during the second season. It will take multiple seasons to tell the story. Unfortunately, Luna does not know specific details about how the show will handle Tommy in season two because he hasn’t seen a script.

“If there are any, I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet,” Luna said. “Which is fine, I’m a patient person.”

The Last of Us season 1 is now on HBO Max.

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