The Last of Us Part II Will Take up More Than One Season on HBO

Was nine episodes too short for a proper adaptation of The Last of Us? Some fans think so. But they may be happy to learn that season 2 won’t cover the entirety of the second game. Now that the first season has been a hit with critics and viewers, the show’s creators aren’t exactly eager to wrap everything up in a second season. Instead, they’re planning on playing things out a bit more in adapting The Last of Us Part II.

In a GQ interview with Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, the latter flat-out says, “It’s more than one season.” Mazin adds, “[W]e will not say how many. But more than one is factually correct.” And a big part of that may be more clickers and infected, whom gamers may have been disappointed not to see much of in season 1. Mazin, who previously stated in various interviews that he hates zombie stories, says, “we learned by watching the audience watch the show. I personally have noted how much they liked those encounters. And I think we have some really interesting things coming that will be very satisfying without burying you.”

He also addressed why they made certain cuts to the story for season 1, like the game’s hotel basement sequence. “That is a terrifying sequence,” Mazin affirms. “But it’s harder to pull off solo sequences like that, where it’s one character alone and it’s just about action and atmosphere. What we find in the passive medium is that those action sequences are best appreciated by us watching through the reactions and interactions of the characters. So the episode Neil directed, where Tess, Joel and Ellie are in the museum and the clickers come. So much of that is about them looking at each other. And that is where the character magic happens.”

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