Laura Donnelly Would Return for a Werewolf by Night Sequel

Werewolf by Night became a successful hit with both critics and fans thanks to its monster movie homages and Halloween horror. Although meant to be a television special, the final moments leave room for interpretation as to what could happen next. At the end of the special, the Werewolf (Gael García Bernal) spares Elsa Bloodstone’s life (Laura Donnelly). He then wakes up the next day in the forest with Ted. With Elsa in possession of the Bloodstone, Donnelly would love to return for a sequel (via TheWrap) and reexamine her connection with the Werewolf.

“Any opportunity to explore [a follow-up], I would leap at, and I would also love to explore that relationship between Elsa and Jack as well,” Donnelly continued. “That’s just one that is just touched on and you see the beginning of something blossoming and we don’t know what that is. And I love working with Gael. I would be very, very happy to — just call me.”

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Werewolf by Night felt like a separate entry into the MCU. It did not incorporate an interconnected storyline like the Infinity Saga. Frankly, the uniqueness is why fans found it so appealing. If Werewolf by Night remains a one-off with no future, then Donnelly will be content with the decision.

“It was just the mixture of bringing in what I did learn about her and trying to make that seep in there in any which way I could,” said Donnelly. “But I suppose it was lovely just to be able to treat this as exactly what it was, which was just a one-off standalone thing where we weren’t beholden to everything else. I wasn’t beholden to the character from the comics and we weren’t having to connect everything up to the rest of the MCU. It just felt like we were making a Halloween movie, exactly what Michael had pitched to me.”

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