Laura Donnelly Says Werewolf by Night is a ‘Fresh Take’ For Marvel

Marvel is about to release its love letter to monster movies of the ’30s and ’40s with Werewolf by Night. The television special will follow a secret gathering of monster hunters who compete for a powerful relic. Danger soon follows as the hunters eventually face off against the dangerous Werewolf by Night (Gael García Bernal). The special is the first of its kind as it marks a foray into horror for the MCU. Laura Donnelly, who plays Elsa Bloodstone, shared her enthusiasm for the project with Collider and explained why Werewolf by Night is a “fresh take” for Marvel.

“I’m so excited about the whole thing because it does feel so unique. It feels like a really fresh take for Marvel and I think the fact that it is horror, the fact that it’s scary, and there are those shocks and a bit of that gore in there, but it’s also a story that’s really human,” said Donnelly. “It’s really rooted in humanity, and the heart of it, and the kind of metaphor between the internal monster and the external one.”

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Early reactions have noted the shocking amount of violence and blood in the special. Marvel has recently dipped its toe into more violent content, especially with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThe brutality displayed by Scarlet Witch in that film would have never been in the MCU 10 years ago. However, bloodshed does not scare Donnelly. Instead, she embraces the brutality of Werewolf by Night.

“I’m a huge horror fan and I wanted it to push those boundaries a bit. But I didn’t know until I saw the piece myself how much we won that. And I was thrilled to see the blood splatter,” said Donnelly.

Fans will experience all of the violence and gore soon enough as Werewolf by Night streams to Disney+ on October 7.

Are you excited to see more horror in the MCU? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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