Eric Kripke Reveals Amazon’s One Concern About The Boys’ Herogasm

Warning: There are SPOILERS below about The Boys‘ Herogasm episode

By now, the entire world has had a chance to experience The Boys season 3, episode 6, also known as “Herogasm.” The focal point of the plot involves an annual superhero orgy, and the visual depiction of same left little to the imagination. Indulging all kinds of fetishes and fluids, it’s the sort of thing that would have given censors a coronary in the bygone ages. But according to showrunner Eric Kripke, speaking with Variety, Amazon only had one thing to say about it.

“The one note we got from Amazon, which was a good note, was, ‘In every moment, we have to understand that this is a superhero orgy, and not just an orgy,'” Kripke said. “We actually added afterwards, a lot of new gags and visual effects. Like, I love that there’s that floating Starlight vibrator that’s just cruising around the party. That was not originally scripted or in there. We added that in VFX later. There’s a lot of moments like that that are just kind of happening in the background.”

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Fans of the comics know that they get even more graphic. Fans of the show might be surprised that Kripke restrained himself. “there were some things in there that I just would not want to touch — literally or figuratively,” he says. “So it was more about us trying to decide what feels right for the tone and that usual battle for us — what’s outrageous but never gratuitous?”

Such moments included a bit of inspiration from acclaimed Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher. Actor Chace Crawford confirms, “[Kripke] was watching that documentary, which is a very touching documentary, and he was like, ‘Is the guy, like, sexual with it? Is he going to, like, f*** this octopus?’ That was going through Kripke’s mind and he was like ‘Ohhh, this is going to go in the writers’ room.'”

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