Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Animated Anthology Coming This Fall

Last month, the schedule for Star Wars Celebration inadvertently revealed a Tales of the Jedi animated project. Now that Celebration is here, producer Dave Filoni has finally shared details about what to expect. Via IGN, Tales of the Jedi will not be an adaptation of the comic book storylines that took place in the distant past of the Star Wars Universe. Instead, it will focus on some familiar faces from the prequel era.

There will be six episodes in total, divided between two leading characters: Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. Fans in attendance got to see the first episode, which featured Ahsoka as a baby with her mother. Players of Star Wars Battlefront 2 may recognize the voice of actress Janina Gavankar, who portrayed Ahsoka’s mother for the short.

The second Ahsoka short will be set during Star Wars: The Clone Wars and feature a team up with her Jedi master, Anakin Skywalker. And finally, the last Ahsoka short will take place after Revenge of the Sith. In this era, Ahsoka will have to survive an encounter with one of the Inquisitors.

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Dooku’s three episodes will also be spread across different points of his life. This includes a time before he fell to the Dark Side of the Force. In Star Wars lore, Dooku was once the Jedi who trained Qui-Gon Jinn. These shorts will expand on the bond between those two, with Liam Neeson reprising his role from the prequel films. Neeson’s son, Michael Neeson, will also provide Qui-Gon’s voice in the episodes where he is a young man.

Character designs and artwork were shared for the Star Wars Celebration attendees, but those pics are not officially online yet. Regardless, it won’t be a long wait before the series premieres on Disney+. Lucasfilm plans to release Tales of the Jedi this fall.

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