A New Earthworm Jim Animated Series Is In Development

It’s been over twenty years since the last Earthworm Jim video game, and even longer since the last episode of Earthworm Jim‘s animated series. However, it may finally be time for a comeback for Doug TenNapel’s signature creation. According to Variety, a new Earthworm Jim animated series is in development by Interplay Entertainment Corp. and APA.

There isn’t a deal currently in place to actually produce the series. Regardless, the potential show will revisit Earthworm Jim and his friends “as they navigate the galaxy, where each planet is home to a race of anthropomorphic animals.” The description also notes that “Jim’s ultimate quest is to find his true home among the stars: a near-mythical planet called Earth.”

As for Jim himself, he is exactly what he appears to be: a worm who wears a high tech suit that allows him to fight evil and live as a humanoid. The first Earthworm Jim video game debuted in 1994. It was followed by three sequels. An Earthworm Jim animated series debuted in 1995 and ran for two seasons. Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons) provided Jim’s voice on the series.

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Interplay’s Michel K. Parandi is working with producer Aaron Billet, and Marc Bodin-Joyeux’s Passion Pictures animation studios on the new Earthworm Jim project.

“I remember loving Earthworm Jim as a kid,” said Parandi in a statement. “And there’s so much potential in this story universe: a galaxy full of animals battling for power.  Jim is an earthworm in a universe where Earth is nothing more than a myth. His struggle to find meaning is surreal and comical, but it’s also relatable.”

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to create a show for an iconic character that we grew up both playing on Genesis, and watching on TV,” added Billet. “The fans have matured and deserve a current take as we bring in new audiences.”

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