’90s Video Game Hit System Shock Gets Live-Action Adaptation at Binge

The ‘9os nostalgia boom hits again, and this time, it brings a live-action series adaptation. According to Deadline, the back-then popular System Shock video game is being adapted at Binge, which aims to become the Netflix of gaming entertainment after its upcoming launch in 2022. Briefly, the 1994 game is a trailblazer for stories like BioShock and similar first-person perspective action adventures. It follows a nameless hacker taking on legions of killer robots controlled by an AI called SHODAN after waking up from a coma in the year 2072. The new series sees Allan Ungar, Chief Content Officer at Binge, serving as producer. Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman from Nightdive Studios will executive produce.

“I’ve always believed that a live action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the harrowing story of Citadel station and its rogue AI that subjects the crew to unimaginable horror,” said Kick in a press release. “We’re very excited to see the talented team at Binge bring System Shock to life in horrifyingly real and new ways.”

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Upon initial release release, the game proved popular, which spurred it to a sequel in 1999. Over the years, Nightdive Studios teased a modern remake of the story, but it has yet to see the light.

System Shock is an iconic franchise adored by gamers for more than two decades and a series that helped redefine what it meant to play an FPS,” said Ungar. “We’re excited to do right by the franchise – and the genre – in bringing System Shock to life. Get ready for SHODAN.”

The producers have yet to announce the official date release for the project.

Did you play the popular video game back in the day? If so, what do you expect from its live-action adaptation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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