Stephen Lobo Joins Crisis on Infinite Earths as The Spectre

As if Crisis on Infinite Earths couldn’t get any more crowded, The CW has just drafted yet another costumed hero to take on the Anti-Monitor this winter. IGN brings word that Stephen Lobo has just been cast as Detective Jim Corrigan in the upcoming crossover. In DC’s comic book universe, Corrigan was the human host of the Spectre.

Lobo is perhaps best known for starring on the Showcase series Continuum for four seasons. Additionally, he has made recurring appearances on other shows like Colony, Travelers, and Supernatural. Lobo also happens to be the latest Smallville alumnus to join the crossover. Back in 2009, he appeared on five episodes of that series as Randall Brady, The Daily Planet’s City Editor. Next year, Lobo will star on TNT’s Snowpiercer.

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Corrigan and his ethereal alter-ego came from the mind of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and artist Bernard Baily. The character made his debut in More Fun Comics #52 in 1940. After he was murdered in the line of duty, Corrigan’s soul refused to pass into the afterlife and was attached to God’s spirit of vengeance. It’s not clear if Lobo’s Corrigan will take on the Spectre persona at any point during Crisis. However, executive producer Marc Guggenheim implied this will be the case in a new statement.

“Fans of the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic know the Spectre plays a pivotal role,” said Guggenheim. “We’re thrilled Stephen is our Jim Corrigan.”

Previously, Emmett Scanlan, who recently starred as Lobo (the character) on Krypton’s last season, played Corrigan on NBC’s short-lived Constantine series. Mark Hamill and Gary Cole have also provided the Spectre’s voice on Batman: The Brave and the Bold and in a DC Showcase animated short, respectively.

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