Pennyworth Moves to HBO Max With Newly Announced Third Season

After much negotiation and rumor between Epix and HBO, it’s official. Pennyworth will move to HBO Max in early 2022, bringing over both the existing two seasons and starting a brand new one. This further helps brand HBO Max as the home of all Batman and DC Comics-related things. Warner Bros. made the announcement today at DC FanDome. Originally styled as a prequel for Batman’s butler, Pennyworth has gone on to write its own alternate history, including a British civil war. Season three will see even larger changes.

From the official announcement: “Season three begins after a five-year time jump: the civil war is over, and a cultural revolution has changed the world for better or worse – ushering in a new age of Super Heroes and Supervillains.”

Gotham didn’t acknowledge the existence of superheroes, and it seems unlikely that Pennyworth will follow the Arrowverse’s history exactly. So this is new territory. Alfred and the Waynes are likely to encounter Golden Age DC characters into the ’60s and beyond.

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Pennyworth won’t be the only Batman prequel-related show on HBO Max. A Gotham City PD series set a year before the events of The Batman should join it shortly.

Jack Bannon stars as Alfred Pennyworth, with Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne. Season three of the psychological thriller also stars Emma Paetz, Paloma Faith, Ryan Fletcher, Dorothy Atkinson, Ramon Tikaram, Harriet Slater and Simon Manyonda.

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