Stargirl Season 3 Promotes Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski To Series Regulars

Stargirl Season 3 Promotes Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski

In the next episode of Stargirl, Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski will make their first (and perhaps only) appearance in season 2. Regardless, Hopkins and Osmanski will have larger roles to play next season.

Via Deadline, Hopkins and Osmanski have been promoted to series regulars for Stargirl season 3. Both performers played key roles in the first season of Stargirl. Hopkins portrays Larry “Crusher” Crock, a.k.a. Sportsmaster, a former star athlete turned costumed criminal. Sportsmaster’s gimmick is that he incorporates his previous skills in his life of crime.

Osmanski plays Crock’s wife, Paula Brooks. She also has a double life as a villain called Tigress. Brooks is an expert marksman, hunter, and a world class martial artist. Additionally, both Sportsmaster and Tigress were members of the Injustice Society.

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Sportsmaster and Tigress were among the Injustice Society members who were defeated and imprisoned in the first season finale of Stargirl. That left their daughter, Artemis Crock (Stella Smith) to pick up the pieces of her life. Artemis has also been in denial about who her parents really are.

In part because of the emergence of The Shade and Eclipso, Sportsmaster and Tigress won’t have large roles in season 2. However, we may learn whether Artemis will follow in her parents footsteps or becomes a heroine on her own. In the comics, Artemis made her debut as a villain. But in the Young Justice animated series, Artemis defied her father and became a superheroine.

Sportsmaster and Tigress will appear in Stargirl season 2 episode 4 on Tuesday, August 31.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hopkins and Osmanski in larger roles next season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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