Iron Fist Stunt Coordinator Slams Actor Who Refused To Train

It’s been nearly three years since Iron Fist was cancelled, which signaled the beginning of the end for Marvel TV shows on Netflix. The Finn Jones-led series ran for two seasons, but it was also heavily criticized for its lackluster action scenes.  Now, Iron Fist stunt coordinator Brett Chan has indicated that a lack of training prevented the show from living up to its comic book counterpart.

Via ComicBookMovie, Chan appeared on the JoiningAllMovement podcast, where he revealed that a leading actor didn’t want to train for his fight scenes.

“You know, [we] spent 21-22 hour days trying to make it work and having directors say, ‘Ah, no’ or having Marvel say, ‘Ah, no,’” noted Chan. “Everyone is fighting and the actor doesn’t want to train. And it’s like, ‘Guys, throw me a bone. Give me something to work with here.’”

Chan was careful not to name any particular actor. Regardless, we can probably rule out Tom Pelphrey’s Ward Meachum. Beyond that, you will have to draw your own conclusions.

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However, Chan did single out Jessica Henwick for praise, and noted that she was dedicated to her training for her performance as Colleen Wing.

“That is why some of our best sequences were with Jessica Henwick,” said Chan. “Because she trained four hours a day and she has zero martial arts experience. And we had great guys. Teaching aikido judo, and some kinjustsu. And then delivered some kung fu to add in there. It was just…yeah.”

Iron Fist seasons 1 and 2 are still streaming on Netflix.

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