Finn Jones Reveals Iron Fist Season 3 Story Plans

Netflix’s Iron Fist series didn’t necessarily fire on all cylinders when it premiered in 2017. But critics and viewers largely agreed that its second season was a marked improvement. The series returned with a new showrunner, a tighter storyline, and (arguably) more interesting supporting characters. Unfortunately, these weren’t enough to save the show from cancellation. That didn’t sit well with fans after season 2’s cliffhanger ending; which appeared to set up even bigger adventures. In a new interview with Collider, Danny Rand himself, Finn Jones, discussed what the third season of Iron Fist would have looked like.

Iron Fist season 2 ended with Colleen Wing inheriting Danny’s power, while Danny and his friend, Ward Meachum, traveled to Asia to learn more about the Iron Fist legend. Tom Pelphrey (the actor who played Ward) previously revealed that season 3 would have furthered the duo’s international exploits, comparing them to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Jones confirmed that this would have been the case. Plus, he also explained how the unmade season would have continued other characters’ stories.

“Raven [Metzner], who was the showrunner for the second season, and I were sure that there was gonna be a season 3,” said Jones. “So we had already devised the whole thing. I was so excited to get into that. It really was gonna be about Danny finally assuming the role of the Iron Fist, fully accomplished, fully charged up, and fully in control of his s**t, as well. It was gonna be this amazing story [with] Danny and Ward off in foreign lands as a buddy storyline almost. And then, you had Colleen in New York, isolated with this new power, struggling to come to terms with her identity and with this power. At some point, we would have met again and probably formed this crazy power couple [or] superhero relationship.”

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A month after its second season debuted, Iron Fist became the first of Marvel’s Netflix series to get the ax. But in Jones’ view, the series really would have hit its stride in season 3.

“It’s horrible,” continued Jones. “It’s like the death of a friend or a close family member. You’ve spent years building this other world within yourself and sharing this other person with the whole world. Usually, with films or plays, you get to see that arc through. There’s a journey. But with Iron Fist, it was like we just got to the peak. We were just getting there. We’d just turned the show around. We had just done so much great work, really getting the train back on the tracks.”

What do you make of Jones’ comments about Iron Fist season 3? Do you think Marvel Studios should give the series another chance? Let us know in the comments down below!

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