New Titans Season 3 Promo Welcomes Viewers To Gotham

In less than two weeks, Dick Grayson and his allies will set up shop in Gotham City for the new season of Titans. And by the looks of things, their move couldn’t have happened at a better time. The latest promo for the series’ long-awaited return highlights the super-team’s new base of operations. But despite Dick’s sarcastic words to the contrary, it’s anything but “sweet.”

Not surprisingly, many of the city’s inhabitants aren’t in a greeting mood, which is made abundantly clear when we see a “Welcome to Gotham” sign defaced with a vulgar warning to stay out. Among other shots, we also see a confused Koriand’r/Starfire wandering into the middle of a street along with the Bat Signal shining high in the sky. Additionally, there’s a new look at Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake, who seems to have gotten himself in trouble with the GCPD.

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Frankly, Dick’s old stomping grounds are as bad as ever, especially now that Bruce Wayne has officially retired as Batman. Throughout the upcoming season, the young heroes will tangle with the likes of Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Vincent Kartheiser) as well as their old teammate, Jason Todd, who’s been reborn as the Red Hood. However, they’ll also receive some assistance from Gotham’s new police commissioner, Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch).

Titans season 3 will premiere on HBO Max on August 12.

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