Brother Blood Rises in the New Titans Season 4 Trailer

After four seasons, Titans is officially coming to end later this year. But the series intends to go out with a blood-soaked bang thanks to a brand new supervillain who’s finally ready to embrace his destiny. Following December’s mid-season finale, HBO Max has announced that Titans will resume its fourth and final season on April 13. The streaming service also released a new trailer for the remaining episodes, which you can view below.

The first half of the season ended with Sebastian Sanger (Joseph Morgan) completing the Blood Moon ritual and taking his first real steps towards adopting the mantle of Brother Blood. In their efforts to stop him, the Titans suddenly vanished off the face of the Earth. But the trailer reveals that somehow, Dick and Kory have been transported to another dimension, where they appear to lead a boring suburban life that’s free of any superheroics. Additionally, Conner seems to have rejected his Superboy persona, instead showing up with a newly-shaven head and a suit that makes him the spitting image of his “father,” Lex Luthor.

Meanwhile, Rachel still bears a supernatural connection to Sebastian and appears strapped to a chair while he feeds off her powers. But fortunately, the heroes will be getting some extra help during their upcoming rescue mission. After his shocking heel turn in season 3, a reformed Jason Todd is back in the fold to train Tim Drake, who will officially suit up in his very own Robin costume by the time the series reaches its ending.

Are you excited to watch the final episodes of Titans next month? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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