Mark Millar Says Jupiter’s Legacy Is Boomers Vs. Millennials in Set Visit

A few days ago, Netflix released the first-ever adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy. The series brought to the screen the superheroes invented by Mark Millar, who has spent a lot of energy promoting the show. The Scottish author was offered the chance to visit the set during production. Netflix recently uploaded the video from that day on its official channels, offering a fresher look at the author watching his creation take life.

Jupiter’s Legacy is boomers vs. millennials,” he said in explaining what this series is about. “Superheroes have been around your entire life. But they’re all just maintaining their corrupt status quo. That’s why the millennials start to ask, ‘What good is setting an example if no one ever follows it?'”

To put it in Lady Liberty’s words, the answer is because it is the right thing to do. You can watch the full video of Millar visiting the Jupiter’s Legacy set in the player below. As the creator says, a set visit is “never not exciting.”

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While the series struggled to pass the critics’ stress test, it has undoubtedly met the audience’s taste. At the moment of writing, the streaming service hasn’t announced yet if the show will return with a sophomore season. But given that Netflix has the rights for the entire “Millarworld,” it seems just a matter of time before it happens.

Jupiter’s Legacy is available for binge-watching on Netflix.

Have you already watched the Jupiter’s Legacy series? If so, how did you perceive this generational clash? Let us know in the comment section below!

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