Batwoman Season 2 Drops First Picture of Morgan Kohan As Stephanie Brown

This weekend’s episode of Batwoman will feature Cluemaster (Rick Miller) as the latest member of Batman’s rogue’s gallery to debut on the show. However, Arthur Brown’s alter ego is a C-list Batman villain at best, and he’s kind of a second-rate Riddler. However, Cluemaster is not the news. Instead, the more significant occurrence is that Batwoman season 2 is also introducing Morgan Kohan as Arthur’s daughter, Stephanie Brown.

In the comics, Stephanie became the vigilante known as Spoiler in order to thwart her father’s crimes. She also went on to briefly become Robin and Batgirl before reassuming her Spoiler persona. Now, Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first picture of Kohan as Stephanie.

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Additionally, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries told EW that Stephanie will form a bond with Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson).

“We try to anchor the characters in what we know of them from the comics, but make them personal to our heroes — specifically Sophie and Luke,” said Dries.

While Stephanie won’t be suiting up in her initial appearance, Dries left the door open for that to happen in the future.

“We’d love to bring [Stephanie and Arthur] back in season 3, as they are rich, interesting characters,” added Dries. “And from the looks of things, Luke and Stephanie have some unresolved business!”

The next episode of Batwoman will air on Sunday, May 9, on The CW.

Do you want to see Morgan Kohan’s Stephanie Brown become Spoiler in Batwoman? Let us know in the comment section below!

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